Episode 28: In Praise of Wombat Poop Dice

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Summer reading Assignment #3- Read letters/chapter 10-15 in “Letters to a Young Scientist

Show Notes



Summer Reading

  • David appreciates Dr. Wilson’s attempt to bin the biological sciences into three major archetypes of human experience.

  • What are your Myers-Briggs initials?

  • Paul likes the notion that Dr. Wilson never changed.

  • Pre-Historic Monsters Did The Strangest Things.

  • Next Episode- Read Chapters/Letters 11-15!

Teacher Hacks:

  • Camden B. recommends “Mover” for thought-free syncing between cloud platforms.

  • David suggests that this new-fangled “website” thing is going to be huge.

  • Kirk Knuffke plays the trumpet.

  • Paul likes getting students out of the classroom….sometimes to the “crick”.

  • Stony Brook’s wonderful CESAME Biotechnology teaching labs.


This Week's Topic: Mentoring New Teachers