Episode 17: A White Elephant Graveyard

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This Week's Topic: Dead Educational Ideas

1. Learning styles questionnaires which help kids only to box themselves in and set false limits with learning styles labels. -Josh T

2. Subject superiority- the notion that some subjects are better than other subjects -David K.

3. The idea that teachers have to always lecture and students have to sit and listen. -Meg T. That lecture is EVIL! there is a place for direct instruction...Especially when something totally new is introduced. -Elisa C. lecture only classes must die. Learn by doing is infinitely more effective. -Ryan D

4. That all students should be college ready -Lee F.

5. That Cell phones are bad -Jake R.

6. Standardized tests -David O.

7. That only men make great discoveries and are important in history. -Elizabeth C.

8. Also, that Finland is the BEST for education. Hello homogeneous population in the classroom. -Kelly O.

9. That homework is essential (except maybe in math and foreign language) -Kelly O.

10. Grade inflation! Grades in general, but also the idea that effort = you pass instead of knowing concepts = you pass. -Caryn D.