Episode 46: Make Way for Spoon-Licker

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  • Here is Amazon’s live help phone number: 1.8888.216.1072 (USA) | 1.206.2666.2992 (International)
  • Paul is a big fan of purposeless walking
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Dear Hive Mind

  • David asks the Vectors for suggestions about helping increase student assessment item comprehension AND/OR help with the observation that his 27 student section of Honors Chemistry consistently scores lower on assessments than his 19 student section. Help him hive mind!

This Week's Topic: Effective Science Bosses

  • The best boss is probably not someone you think of as your boss.
  • You can’t be a good boss if you aren’t a good manager.
  • How does a boss effectively move a department?
  • What are the differences between being a good boss of teachers and a good teacher of children?
  • How does a boss deliver the bad news effectively?
  • Dear Bosses: Don’t lie. Also, communicate with your teachers.


Supplementary Notes: