Episode 47: No Flies in This Methlab

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Show Notes



  • Paul had a Huckleberry Moscow Mule with his old boss.
  • David and Paul have both had drinks with Chi K., who is, herself, a boss.
  • Emily B. is a rotating boss.
  • So very many badges.

Hive-Mind Followup

Teacher Hacks:


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This Week's Topic: One Year of Horizontal Transfer


  • The Vivaldi browser
  • Apparently chrome no longer keeps very many of the old versions of itself (though you can select ‘Show Package Contents’ on the app in the finder and then open the versions folder to see if that holds true for you).
  • Overfitting
  • The Signal and the Noise

Supplementary Notes:

  • David said that his mean class size is around 20, in retrospect, it’s probably more like 23, and is a function of what he teaches more than larger district trends.