While neither of us presume to be experts in this field, there have been enough questions as to how we record the show that a little how-to is in order.  So here it is!



We both record on Blue Yeti microphones. Depending on how much of a gear head you are, you might take issue with this choice, but we have found them to be very user-friendly, and to deliver a warm, high-quality sound.


Paul and David record their audio in Audacity. The cross-country conversation is facilitated by Skype.  Post-recording editing is done in GarageBand (unless show editor Matthew Becker has decided to move to another platform and is not telling us.  You could edit your show entirely in Audacity if you wanted to.  We wouldn't stop you.  


We are both Mac users, using MacBook Pros.  Without getting into the weeds of what our current systems look like, we are both fans of "future proofing" our computers as much as possible, so our systems are both high-end configurations for the moment in time when they were purchased.  


The site is hosted on Squarespace.

Recording Process:

The show is recorded using the "double-ender" method described here (close to the bottom of the page).  After recording each side of the conversation independently, some basic amplification and compression is done before Paul sends his audio over to David (via the magic of Dropbox), and David sends it along to Matt who edits the two recordings together.

We hope this is helpful for anyone who is interested.  If you do have any questions about our process, would like to share your podcasting efforts with us, or have any other feedback to offer, please do so here.  

Thanks For Listening!